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I have run many workshops for healthcare professionals in my time and attended many more. I could write a book - in fact I have actually done that - on the challenges of facilitating participation and learning. We have all had to deal with:

  • Dr Brown signing a pile of prescriptions with only one eye (and that's not his good one) on the screen
  • Half the group saying very little, unless it is talking in twos and threes about what happened in last night's Eastenders, just when you're trying to stress the importance of active listening
  • Someone who has been there, seen it and can do it better than you can

So it is with the greatest respect and awe that I report on a Communications Skills Workshop run for NHS Education in Scotland by Kit and Carol of Cascade Educational Theatre. It was fun, engaging, safe, stimulating and hugely powerful as a learning experience. Leave the projector and screen in the cupboard, dispense with the boardroom or theatre style layout - and try something very different for a change.

Marion Duffy — Educational Facilitator, EM People

I really learnt a huge amount from the day. It was based in the real world too - not just idealised techniques which don't work in the real world. Honestly, I've never learnt so much while laughing.

Phillip — Department Head in a leading Newquay hotel.

I was amazed when they pointed out that I was actually using the body language of rapport and it was working. I would recommend Cascade to everyone…especially those who are willing to really learn something and have it stick.

Fiona — Reception Manager, computer firm, Hampshire

I do not believe this session could be improved. I wasn't looking forward to today, but it's been fun, informative and I've really enjoyed myself. Also, I was surprised that they really made it apply to dentistry.

Jason — newly qualified dentist, Kent

Real techniques I can use. Good theory too. Thanks for a great day's training.

Chris — GDP, Birmingham

Cascade present a wonderful icebreaker session for our young professionals – they even warmed the hearts of their older bosses. They enable the rapid forming and ‘norming’ of small groups and make the rest of the educational year so easy.

As Kit and Carol pass through your time and space you will feel enriched by their presence.

A truly inspirational day.

Andrew North

Regional Vocational Training Adviser

Associate Postgraduate Dean

To be honest I'm usually a bit cynical but this was surprisingly good. It was a great opportunity to practice things I might actually use. Thanks Carol and Kit. I had a great laugh and didn't realise just how much I'd learnt until we reviewed it all at the end of the day. It felt just as real as being in the surgery.

Dr J. — GP, Devon


Education with Cascade

It is all of ten years since I was first asked by Cornwall LEA to evaluate the work of the newly-formed Cascade Educational Theatre Company. At the time I was particularly impressed by the sensitive yet informative way they put over the facts about HIV/AIDS to a group of disaffected teenagers - many of these young people will be parents in their own right by now and I hope they remember as a clearly as I do the evening when they were rounded up from the doorways in the shopping precinct to watch these ‘crazy actors’.

Since then I have had many opportunities to see Cascade at work with children and young people, both as independent evaluator and as part of my work as an Ofsted Inspector. I have seen how they build positive and suitable relationships with teachers and pupils and I know that their work is always carefully planned and delivered with due regard to the sensitivities of all concerned. They have the happy knack of producing an atmosphere that promotes learning while making the whole experience feel like fun.

Sylvia Greenland — (Ofsted No 23324)

It was an extraordinary experience. The children had such fun and achieved things way beyond what I had hoped for. I also learnt so much from the process. They (Cascade) do so much more than Drama. The way they work with the kids was fascinating. I never heard a voice raised once.

There's a constant thread of building confidence, self-esteem and positive response throughout the work.

Jean — Social Worker, Cornwall

The children loved this work so much. I have seen huge developments in them. It has also had a direct impact on their classroom work too. I would have Cascade in at anytime to do almost anything, but the self-esteem work really hits the spot.

Mr M — Head Teacher, Mid-Cornwall


I was stunned at what they (the participants) did. I would never have predicted them being confident enough to get that involved.

Jane — Housing Officer, West Cornwall

Yeah, I didn't think of wanting a spliff for a couple of hours.

J — Truro

I actually went out after one of the sessions and got a job. I surprised everyone including myself.

A — Launceston

This is a Jobcentre Plus / ESF Co-financed project in Cornwall. The project aims to help people on longer term Incapacity Benefit living in some of the most deprived Cornish wards to overcome barriers and return to employment. Cascade are leading workshops with interested clients to help build confidence, motivation and self esteem to make them more work ready. Our experience of Cascade to date is that they are passionate about what they do and skilled at delivery.

Both Carol Brooking and Kit Maher are highly intuitive to the needs of vulnerable people and expert at engaging them effectively. They concentrate on recognising and building on strengths rather than weaknesses in individuals.

Clients themselves are full of praise for both the workshops and Carol and Kit and confirm that a course of 6 workshops did much to make them feel more comfortable with themselves and their health issue and more confident about being able to return to employment.

WTCS staff who have also experienced the Cascade workshops are similarly impressed. All would recommend Cascade courses to anyone who needs to build self belief through a friendly skilled and effective process.

Sue Collard

Head of Business Development

WTCS Limited


The process seemed so gentle but everyone was so energised by it all. Mary (a client) has hardly said anything for weeks but she 'came alive' during the session. She is obviously more at home in the past. To see the looks on the children's faces when the old people were talking was mesmerising. It's such a great idea bringing the generations together. Absolutely magical… thanks.

Jane. — Care Worker, Camborne

I always thought I had a dreadful memory but somehow I really remembered loads. It was lovely thank you both.

Enid — client, Redruth

For the first time in ages I felt like someone was actually bothered about what I had to say. I know they were only listening but it made me feel just special.

Ethel — 101 year old client



Fantastic, I really enjoyed it, though not sure I should say enjoyed. The subject was so moving and really touched a nerve in all of us.

Paul — Police Officer, Devon.

Very educative. It's totally changed how I'll practice. I consider myself quite enlightened about young carers but I saw a whole other side to it.

S — Health Visitor, South East Cornwall

We have had an opportunity to talk to a real victim of domestic violence, but somehow this was more real.

Sam – Social Worker, Dorset

The play shows so clearly what could be happening anywhere and I will ensure that I’ll always think more deeply about what may be going on in someone’s home.

Dr L – GP Registrar N. Devon

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